Stingless Bee Honey

The timeless health nectar from the beginning of civilization.

Why My Farm Story Honey?

Our premium and top quality stingless bee honey is specially cultivated in a low-volume farm surrounded by pristine rainforest in Perak and Negeri Sembilan, with our farmer having more than a decade experience in bringing out the best from the bees.  It is a world-class product that has been enjoyed by our discerning clients, expats and foreign guests.

Quality is maintained throughout the small farm cultivation method, harvesting and bottling process.  This ensures the best madu kelulut with live enzyme is delivered to you!


Our curated honey enjoys the wonderful benefits of the natural botanicals fed on by the bees as they build their honey combs. Harvesting is done manually and this raw unpasturised honey is free from preservatives and additives. This natural goodness is bottled with optimum nutrients and enzymes. It naturally contains TREHALULOSE, a low Glycaemic Index (GI) sugar ideal for those seeking to control blood sugar level.

Our Natural Honey can:

  • Strengthen immune systems
  • Be antiviral and anti-inflammatory
  • Act as antioxidant
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Sooth sore throat and mouth ulcers
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce tooth decay
  • Sooth skin burns

Promotion Price

  • Small 250g – RM130.00
  • Large 635g – RM220.00

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