Sarawak Silver Patin Cutlet


3 piece Sarawak Silver Patin Cutlets

  • 400g – 450g per pack.
  • Suitable for individual cooking and smaller family.
  • Slicked from the same top quality whole Sarawak Silver Patin.
  • Defrost and ready for cooking.
  • Premium quality, pristine and no mud taste and a firm meat to enjoy.
  • IQF packed for convenient freezer storage.

Please note that some packs come with 3 pieces of cutlet or 2 pieces of cutlets with the tail (like photo).

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This pack of Sarawak Silver Patin cutlet is suitable for single serving or small families.  3 pieces in a pack with an approximate 400g to 450g per pack.  Fish is good for steaming, braising or tempoyak.  Some packs may come with 2 cutlets and the tail, and some with 3 cutlets.