Sarawak Silver Patin


Our prized Batang Ai Silver Patin is a sought after fish that is enjoyed by freshwater fish aficionados and culinary experts.

  • Restaurant-grade
  • From 1kg size onwards
  • Taste firm and succulent.
  • Bred in the pristine and deep waters of the Batang Ai, Sarawak dam.
  • Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) packed from Batang Ai itself.
  • Export quality
  • MyGAP
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Our Sarawak Silver Patin or locally known as Patin Labang is renowned for its sweet and succulent taste. This fish has little fat as compared to the traditional patin because it swims and is bred in our pristine and deep waters at the Batang Ai dam.  It is a prized and sought-after fish and we are excited to bring it to you.

When it is harvested, the fish are quickly packed and flash freeze utilizing the latest Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology.  This way, you will enjoy the freshness of the fish as if it had just left the waters of Batang Ai!

IQF also preserves and locks the natural flavour of the fish.  When you thaw it to room temperature to cook, you will enjoy the exact firmness as if you are eating it in Sarawak!

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